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Outdoor Decking Paint

Need to paint your decking?

Ok, so we covered how to paint your garden gate. Now let’s talk about getting your decking ready for a bank holiday bbq!

For those who have some lovely decking in your garden, you already know what a great addition it is. Perfect for dining, socialising, sunbathing or BBQs.

However, the trusty British weather probably means you don’t get to use your outdoor space as much as you’d wish. It also means that it will most likely need a bit of TLC after a long winter.

Leave your decking to dry for 24 hours minimum.

1. Cleaning your decking

So we are going to start by giving your decking a good clean. It’s recommended that you keep it tidy all year round, to save a big clear-up once a year. Just a weekly brush should do!

Get yourself a stiff outdoor brush and brush away any debris.

Now it’s clean, it’s time to apply Decking Cleaner. Unfortunately, Decking Cleaner is hard to come by at Seagulls and when we get it, it’s gone within the hour!

You should apply the cleaner directly onto the wood and use your scrubbing brush. Then jet wash this off, leaving it to dry for at least 24 hours. (Make sure you consider the weather; you don’t want to do this and then it rains!)

2. Sanding your decking

You now have a clean deck, but you need to make sure there is no leftover paint! (If you are painting over/touching up skip over this step)

Firstly, take a wire brush and use light sweeping strokes to remove any old paint.

Then you can go ahead with your scraper for that tougher paint. Scraping rarely removes all the paint from the existing deck, and it’s not meant to. After scraping away loose paint, it’s likely the wood will still have plenty of stuck-on paint. However, if it’s not peeling the new paint will still stick.

You can now begin to sand the decking. This smooths out the edges allowing for a fresh coat to be applied. If you have a power sander handy- brilliant! If not, try using a sanding sponge. Before sanding, use a hammer and nailset to countersink any nails that might be sticking up.

3. Treating & painting the wood

It is up to you what tools you use for this project, whether it be a brush, a paint pad or a roller. Make sure you apply your Frog Tape before cracking that tin of paint open though.

What paint should you use?

Here is where we come in handy.

We have everything you will need to bring your decking back to life, if you know exactly what you want, it will be best for you to ask a member of staff to show you where everything is- we have paint in abundance. Don’t be afraid to ask for help too, that’s what we are here for!

– Decking Preserver

We have several different types of Wood preservers. Cuprinol & Ronseal are the most popular at Seagulls, and the best in our opinion! It comes in various different colours, including Dark Browns, Green & Clear.

– Decking Paint

Our Decking Paint is again mainly Cuprinol & Ronseal. We occasionally get the likes of Wickes, Barrentine & Ever Build, though they are rare. Again, they come in colours such as Green, Clear, Oak, Pine, Timber, Cedar, and Mahogany.

You will need these materials too:

  • Painter’s tape

We sell Frog Tape in-store, offering 2 different types. The Green s the most common and better of the 2, it is multi-surface & will cost you £8.50. The Yellow is for delicate surfaces and we charge £9 for a roll of that!

  • Dust Sheets

We sell 12-foot by 12-foot dust sheets for just £2.50 each!

  • Scraper

We sell scrapers instore for £2.50

  • Scrubbing Brush

Unfortunately, we don’t have scrubbing brushes in stock at the minute.

Click here for a list of materials we sell in-store.

Colour Match For Paint Service

Do you know about our bespoke colour-matching service?

If you are a Seagulls regular, you may know about our bespoke paint mixing service. This service bespoke service means we can match whatever colour your heart desires, just for a few pounds extra than off-the-shelf paint. Off the shelf, paint starts at £5.50 for 2.5L, whilst 2.5L of bespoke colour-matched paint starts from just £11.

Shopping at other businesses, such as Farrow & Ball could set you back £52!

Dulux and Farrow & Ball are two colour charts that we work best off, and there is plenty of them in-store, or you can find them online too. A lot of you request colour matches of specific items, which we love to do.

We thought this would be the perfect place to show you guys some examples of our colour matching skills, and what our paint mixing experts can whip up.

Match It Monday – Bespoke Paint Mixing In Action

If you follow us on social media, you may have seen our weekly ‘Match It Monday’ TikTok videos. Every Monday, we pick something random from Seagulls and put our paint mixing experts to the test. They never fail! Take a look for yourself;


You can’t live in Yorkshire without saying ‘Ey Up’ once in a while.. so we made a mosaic kit of it #yorkshire #eyup #mosaickit #mosaicart #diy #craft #leeds #uk

♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

Remember folks that our colour match for paint service is done by eye, no fancy colour machines around our place.

9/10 we’re bang on, the odd occasion may need a reblend but this is rare. If you have a certain colour in mind it’s always best to pre-order through our website (it gives us time to play with colour).

Bespoke paint mixing by eye also means we can never guarantee the same colour twice. Please make sure you order enough paint for your project to avoid any disappointment.

One last thing, our mixing magic does not extend to specific colour matches for Woodwork Paint. The pigments we use are only suitable for water-based emulsion, meaning we are unable to mix the same colours in gloss that we can in the emulsion.

Exterior Paint Shelf

What paint do we have?

This is a list of every (almost) paint on our shelves, subject to availability (it all depends on what we pick up from the waste sites).

We have a variety of different glosses, emulsions, varnishes and stains. If you want it, we most likely have it.

If you are in Leeds and looking to buy paint, it’s worth coming to Seagulls first!


Clear Satin Varnish
Clear Matt Varnish
Clear Gloss Varnish


Pine Satin Varnish
Pine Matt Varnish
Pine Gloss Varnish


Beech Satin Varnish
Beech Matt Varnish
Beech Gloss Varnish


Oak Satin Varnish
Oak Matt Varnish
Oak Gloss Varnish


Cherry Satin Varnish
Cherry Matt Varnish
Cherry Gloss Varnish


Rosewood Satin Varnish
Rosewood Matt Varnish
Rosewood Gloss Varnish


Ebony Satin Varnish
Ebony Matt Varnish
Ebony Gloss Varnish


Mahogany Satin Varnish
Mahogany Matt Varnish
Mahogany Gloss Varnish


Walnut Satin Varnish
Walnut Matt Varnish
Walnut Gloss Varnish

Wood Stain

Natural Wood Stain
Pine Wood Stain
Beech Wood Stain
Oak Wood Stain
Cherry Wood Stain
Rosewood Wood Stain
Ebony Wood Stain
Mahogany Wood Stain
Walnut Wood Stain
Coloured Wood Stain

Decking Stain

Grey Decking Stain

Oak Decking Stain

Pine Decking Stain

Timber Decking Stain

Cedar Decking Stain

Mahogany Decking Stain

Clear Decking Stain

Brilliant White

Brilliant White Eggshell
Brilliant White Non-Drip Gloss
Brilliant White One Coat Gloss
Brilliant White Satin
Brilliant White Liquid Gloss
Brilliant White Exterior Gloss
Brilliant White Professional Gloss
Brilliant White Quick Dry Gloss
Brilliant White Quick Dry Satin

Brilliant White Matt Emulsion

Brilliant White Silk Emulsion


Brown Eggshell
Brown Non-Drip GlossBrown One Coat Gloss
Brown Satin
Brown Liquid Gloss
Brown Exterior Gloss
Brown Professional Gloss
Brown Quick Dry Gloss
Brown Quick Dry Satin

Brown Matt Emulsion

Brown Silk Emulsion


Black Eggshell
Black Non-Drip Gloss
Black One Coat Gloss
Black Satin
Black Liquid Gloss
Black Exterior Gloss
Black Professional Gloss
Black Quick Dry Gloss
Black Quick Dry Satin

Black Matt Emulsion

Black Silk Emulsion


Red Eggshell
Red Non-Drip Gloss
Red One Coat Gloss
Red Satin
Red Liquid Gloss
Red Exterior Gloss
Red Professional Gloss
Red Quick Dry Gloss
Red Quick Dry Satin

Red Matt Emulsion

Red Silk Emulsion


Orange Eggshell
Orange Non-Drip Gloss
Orange One Coat Gloss
Orange Satin
Orange Liquid Gloss
Orange Exterior Gloss
Orange Professional Gloss
Orange Quick Dry Gloss
Orange Quick Dry Satin

Orange Matt Emulsion

Orange Silk Emulsion


Blue Eggshell
Blue Non-Drip Gloss
Blue One Coat Gloss
Blue Satin
Blue Liquid Gloss
Blue Exterior Gloss
Blue Professional Gloss
Blue Quick Dry Gloss
Blue Quick Dry Satin

Blue Matt Emulsion

Blue Silk Emulsion


Pink Eggshell
Pink Non-Drip Gloss
Pink One Coat Gloss
Pink Satin
Pink Liquid Gloss
Pink Exterior Gloss
Pink Professional Gloss
Pink Quick Dry Gloss
Pink Quick Dry Satin

Pink Matt Emulsion

Pink Silk Emulsion


Green Eggshell
Green Non-Drip Gloss
Green One Coat Gloss
Green Satin
Green Liquid Gloss
Green Exterior Gloss
Green Professional Gloss
Green Quick Dry Gloss
Green Quick Dry Satin

Green Matt Emulsion

Green Silk Emulsion


Purple Eggshell
Purple Non-Drip Gloss
Purple One Coat Gloss
Purple Satin
Purple Liquid Gloss
Purple Exterior Gloss
Purple Professional Gloss
Purple Quick Dry Gloss
Purple Quick Dry Satin

Purple Matt Emulsion

Purple Silk Emulsion


Cream Eggshell
Cream Non-Drip Gloss
Cream One Coat Gloss
Cream Satin
Cream Liquid Gloss
Cream Exterior Gloss
Cream Professional Gloss
Cream Quick Dry Gloss
Cream Quick Dry Satin

Cream Matt Emulsion

Cream Silk Emulsion







Brick Red




Black Hammerite

White Hammerite

Silver Hammerite

Gold Hammerite

Red Hammerite

Blue Hammerite

Green Hammerite

Brown Hammerite

Bronze Hammerite

Timber care

Forest Green Timbercare

Woodland Green Timbercare

Autumn Gold Timbercare

Light Oak Timbercare

Medium Oak Timbercare

Dark Oak TImbercare

Light Brown Timbercare

Dark Brown Timbercare

Red Cedar Timbercare

Grey Timbercare

Rustic Brown TImbercare

Tile Paint


Mellow Green





Tile Red


Blackboard Paint




Tile Paint


Mellow Green





Tile Red


Radiator Paint



White Gloss

White Satin

Brilliant White

Floor Paint




Bright Red

Tile Red





Norfolk Sands


Damp Seal


Grain Coat

Is your old paint killing the environment?

Is your old paint killing your local environment, even though you took it to your local waste site? 98% of waste paint currently ends up in landfills or is burnt, causing unnecessary harm to the environment. Paint being chucked into landfills can make its way to rivers and the sea, causing massive harm to wildlife.

This valuable resource is causing harm when it could potentially find a new life on somebody else’s walls. Seagulls have been tackling the problem of waste paint head-on, for nearly 20 years.

Pre Covid, Seagulls collected 400 tonnes of paint per year. This number has dipped slightly since the pandemic but we are hopeful it will increase again.

I want to help the environment, where can I donate my paint?

If you live in Leeds, it’s easy to donate, there are Seagulls paint banks on every household waste site in Leeds.


Rob emptying one of our paint banks.

We kindly ask people to drop their unwanted paint at their local waste site and NOT Seagulls. This is for 2 reasons:

  1. Avoids fly tipping in our yard
  2. The paint collected from waste sites gets weighed and recorded. Most importantly, Leeds City Council pay for the amount of paint collected.

What paint can be reused and how can I tell?

Any tin that has more than a couple of inches left in the pot and has NOT gone off can be reused. You will know if the paint has gone bad because it will either be solid or smell like rotten eggs! We reprocess good and bad paint so don’t worry too much about the quality as we will safely dispose or recycle any paint that we cannot reuse.

Solid paint and empty paint tins can be put in your general household bin.

We accept household emulsion, masonry paint, timber care, gloss, varnish, eggshell and undercoat.

But what if I don’t live in Leeds?

It’s possible your local authority has a community RePaint scheme, you can find out here.

If not, then lobby your local Councillors and MP to ask why there are no paint reuse facilities in your area.

For years there has been a ‘postcode lottery’ for paint recycling, the facilities for which differ between local authorities, with 98% of waste paint currently being burnt or sent to landfill. But the Royal Society of Chemistry is now calling for UK governments to provide better support to local reuse and recycling initiatives.

Whilst the companies behind paint brands Dulux, Farrow and Ball, Johnstone’s Paints and Ronseal are calling for government engagement with the British Coatings Federation’s PaintCare blueprint for a national remanufacturing programme.

The Royal Society of Chemistry is calling for:

Government and local authorities to provide more support to paint recycling and reuse initiatives, such as Seagulls Reuse and the BCF’s PaintCare programme, making it easier for consumers to recycle paints no matter where they live

Government to directly invest in research programmes for sustainable alternatives for PLFs

Consumers to reduce wastage of paints by buying only what they need

Consumers to write to their MP asking for change – further details can be found here.

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