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Painting Your Metal Gate

Hey folks, we have had a few questions about painting specific materials, so we thought why not make a series of blogs about just that! First up we are taking a look at painting a metal gate.

Here are some valuable tips before we begin:

  • Look at the weather, you will need the weather to be on your side for this project as it involves a lot of air drying.
  • Wear face, eye and hand protection. You’ll thank us later.

Step 1 – Prepare

Make sure you have the correct surroundings. It would be best to take the gate off its post and rest it on 2 saw-horses. Be sure to put a dust sheet down to protect your surroundings. Also, safety first- get yourself an eye mask and face mask, no one wants rust in the eyes or fumes in their lungs!

Step 2 – Remove Rust

Use a wire brush to remove any rust the metal gate may have accumulated. You want the smoothest base for better application of the new paint, and you can also then tell which bits have been affected most by rust. Then, just let it dry out! (Make sure you’re wearing your gloves for this)

Step 3- Smooth it out

Now that it is all dry, wipe the gate down with a cloth to eliminate any debris. Now it’s time for the wire brush again. We don’t actually stock these as of yet, but keep your eyes peeled! The wire brush is needed to smooth the surface once again. You can also add some rust neutraliser if there are any tough spots!

Step 4- Primer

Again, make sure your dust sheet is down for this step. Apply an outdoor metallic primer using a paintbrush, and wait until it is fully dry before you do a second coat. You can also apply it to any previously rusty areas, just the help seal any gaps left by rust. Again, allow the gate to dry according to the primer manufacturer’s guidelines, before moving on to paint the gate.

Step 5-Paint

After your gate is dry (this may be a long process I know!). Simply start by painting the outer edges first, then the decorative embellishments over it, and then to the backside of the gate.

Be sure to cover any hard-to-reach places, and use whatever works for you, as long as the paint is perfectly laid on the surface.

If you are wondering what paint is best, not to worry- we’ve got you sorted. You would use a high alkyd paint, such as Hammerite for metal materials. We have a variety of Hammerite in-store, but colours and stock will vary with what we have picked up recently!

We also sell Red Oxyd Primer and Metal Primer, two different variants of primer. Again, it is not guaranteed what specific colours we have but just pop along and our excellent staff will help you with your project.

Exterior Paint Shelf

What paint do we have?

This is a list of every (almost) paint on our shelves, subject to availability (it all depends on what we pick up from the waste sites).

We have a variety of different glosses, emulsions, varnishes and stains. If you want it, we most likely have it.

If you are in Leeds and looking to buy paint, it’s worth coming to Seagulls first!


Clear Satin Varnish
Clear Matt Varnish
Clear Gloss Varnish


Pine Satin Varnish
Pine Matt Varnish
Pine Gloss Varnish


Beech Satin Varnish
Beech Matt Varnish
Beech Gloss Varnish


Oak Satin Varnish
Oak Matt Varnish
Oak Gloss Varnish


Cherry Satin Varnish
Cherry Matt Varnish
Cherry Gloss Varnish


Rosewood Satin Varnish
Rosewood Matt Varnish
Rosewood Gloss Varnish


Ebony Satin Varnish
Ebony Matt Varnish
Ebony Gloss Varnish


Mahogany Satin Varnish
Mahogany Matt Varnish
Mahogany Gloss Varnish


Walnut Satin Varnish
Walnut Matt Varnish
Walnut Gloss Varnish

Wood Stain

Natural Wood Stain
Pine Wood Stain
Beech Wood Stain
Oak Wood Stain
Cherry Wood Stain
Rosewood Wood Stain
Ebony Wood Stain
Mahogany Wood Stain
Walnut Wood Stain
Coloured Wood Stain

Decking Stain

Grey Decking Stain

Oak Decking Stain

Pine Decking Stain

Timber Decking Stain

Cedar Decking Stain

Mahogany Decking Stain

Clear Decking Stain

Brilliant White

Brilliant White Eggshell
Brilliant White Non-Drip Gloss
Brilliant White One Coat Gloss
Brilliant White Satin
Brilliant White Liquid Gloss
Brilliant White Exterior Gloss
Brilliant White Professional Gloss
Brilliant White Quick Dry Gloss
Brilliant White Quick Dry Satin

Brilliant White Matt Emulsion

Brilliant White Silk Emulsion


Brown Eggshell
Brown Non-Drip GlossBrown One Coat Gloss
Brown Satin
Brown Liquid Gloss
Brown Exterior Gloss
Brown Professional Gloss
Brown Quick Dry Gloss
Brown Quick Dry Satin

Brown Matt Emulsion

Brown Silk Emulsion


Black Eggshell
Black Non-Drip Gloss
Black One Coat Gloss
Black Satin
Black Liquid Gloss
Black Exterior Gloss
Black Professional Gloss
Black Quick Dry Gloss
Black Quick Dry Satin

Black Matt Emulsion

Black Silk Emulsion


Red Eggshell
Red Non-Drip Gloss
Red One Coat Gloss
Red Satin
Red Liquid Gloss
Red Exterior Gloss
Red Professional Gloss
Red Quick Dry Gloss
Red Quick Dry Satin

Red Matt Emulsion

Red Silk Emulsion


Orange Eggshell
Orange Non-Drip Gloss
Orange One Coat Gloss
Orange Satin
Orange Liquid Gloss
Orange Exterior Gloss
Orange Professional Gloss
Orange Quick Dry Gloss
Orange Quick Dry Satin

Orange Matt Emulsion

Orange Silk Emulsion


Blue Eggshell
Blue Non-Drip Gloss
Blue One Coat Gloss
Blue Satin
Blue Liquid Gloss
Blue Exterior Gloss
Blue Professional Gloss
Blue Quick Dry Gloss
Blue Quick Dry Satin

Blue Matt Emulsion

Blue Silk Emulsion


Pink Eggshell
Pink Non-Drip Gloss
Pink One Coat Gloss
Pink Satin
Pink Liquid Gloss
Pink Exterior Gloss
Pink Professional Gloss
Pink Quick Dry Gloss
Pink Quick Dry Satin

Pink Matt Emulsion

Pink Silk Emulsion


Green Eggshell
Green Non-Drip Gloss
Green One Coat Gloss
Green Satin
Green Liquid Gloss
Green Exterior Gloss
Green Professional Gloss
Green Quick Dry Gloss
Green Quick Dry Satin

Green Matt Emulsion

Green Silk Emulsion


Purple Eggshell
Purple Non-Drip Gloss
Purple One Coat Gloss
Purple Satin
Purple Liquid Gloss
Purple Exterior Gloss
Purple Professional Gloss
Purple Quick Dry Gloss
Purple Quick Dry Satin

Purple Matt Emulsion

Purple Silk Emulsion


Cream Eggshell
Cream Non-Drip Gloss
Cream One Coat Gloss
Cream Satin
Cream Liquid Gloss
Cream Exterior Gloss
Cream Professional Gloss
Cream Quick Dry Gloss
Cream Quick Dry Satin

Cream Matt Emulsion

Cream Silk Emulsion







Brick Red




Black Hammerite

White Hammerite

Silver Hammerite

Gold Hammerite

Red Hammerite

Blue Hammerite

Green Hammerite

Brown Hammerite

Bronze Hammerite

Timber care

Forest Green Timbercare

Woodland Green Timbercare

Autumn Gold Timbercare

Light Oak Timbercare

Medium Oak Timbercare

Dark Oak TImbercare

Light Brown Timbercare

Dark Brown Timbercare

Red Cedar Timbercare

Grey Timbercare

Rustic Brown TImbercare

Tile Paint


Mellow Green





Tile Red


Blackboard Paint




Tile Paint


Mellow Green





Tile Red


Radiator Paint



White Gloss

White Satin

Brilliant White

Floor Paint




Bright Red

Tile Red





Norfolk Sands


Damp Seal


Grain Coat

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