Donating Paint to us

We have diverted over 2000 tonnes of paint from landfill
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Where do we get our paint from?

We collect paint from Leeds City Council Household waste sites; there are 9 of them across the city. If you take your paint to one of the sites you will be directed t our paint bank.

We are currently appealing for householders to have a clear out of their shed or garage before the winter chill sets in and the paint freezes and becomes unusable.

Please note we do not accept unwanted trade paint unless agreed by a Manager or Supervisor at Seagulls. Reusing trade paint comes at a cost to us and we need to ensure we recoup these costs with a charge for accepting unwanted trade paint. We only accept trade paint on a case by case basis and in most cases the costs will be minimal as we only take what we know we can sell. It’s always worth giving us a call and understanding a bit more about what we need and how we might be able to help.

What paint can be reused and how can I tell?

Any paint that has more than a couple of inches left in the pot and has NOT gone off can be reused. You will know if paint has gone bad because it will either be solid or smell like rotten eggs! Solid paint and empty paint tins can be put in your general household bin. and ‘foul smelling’ paint should be put in the paint bank ready for disposal.

We accept household emulsion, masonry paint, timber care, gloss, varnish, eggshell and undercoat.

Environmental Benefits

If we did not provide a paint reuse service for householders in Leeds ALL of the paint we collect would be destined for disposal. What a waste of a precious resource that can, with a bit of care and attention, simply be reused!