Mosaic & Upcycling Workshops

Ok, so next up lets talk about another familiar workshop, and a new one on the block.

If you have visited Seagulls, you may know we have a mosaic studio just behind the paint store, where you will usually find Ben.

Ben is our resident mosaic artist, who creates all the kits you can find in our store, and also his murals, that you can find dotted around Leeds. Seagulls Mosaics turns broken and clipped tiles into beautiful art.

Our upcycling workshop is ran by the lovely Amy, or @teapotsandblankets on Instagram. She is a West Yorkshire based vintage buyer, who has a serious talent for giving items a new lease of life.

Cactus Mosaic created by a workshop attendee


Seagulls mosaic was founded by Alison, who was drawn to Seagulls in our early days and brought creativity, colour, passion in abundance.

Alison was the driving force behind our Mosaic Workshop, and without her it would not be what is is today! And 16 years later it is still standing and bringing colour and art to people across Leeds.

Our fully equipped Mosaic Workshop encourages exploration and expression of personal creativity – art that everyone can enjoy.

This 2 hour workshop enables you to learn the art of mosaic: from design through to a finished piece.

You will have the opportunity to create an a4 size mosaic on a board or on mesh, depending on whether you want the mosaic for indoor or external installation.

Over the 2 hours you will be guided through the design and making process to learn the techniques needed to create a beautiful mosaic.


This workshop is a super relaxed and informal experience. It is for people who have always wanted to have a go at painting furniture but don’t know where to start or don’t feel brave enough to put brush to wood!

In this full day workshop you will learn how to transform a piece of furniture. Bring your own piece and we will give you the skills and confidence to upcycle your piece of furniture.

You will learn how to prepare, sand, paint and finish your item using Seagulls Paint (we will even mix it to your exact colour choice), to breathe a new lease of life into your chosen piece. As well as painting, you will learn how to create shapes and patterns that are simple to achieve.

You can also check out our Instagram Reels to see step by steps on what actually happens during the workshops.

Here are some amazing examples of customer work made during the workshops;

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