Jewellery to Keepsakes- What would you choose?

Seagulls is not just paint. We also have Seagulls Workshops, a space for creativity, inspiration, building confidence, learning and making: an oasis in the Seagulls’ busy working community.

Two workshops we want to highlight are Casting and Jewellery making.

Casting is our newest workshop, with Silversmithing being one of our customer favourites, in both workshops you can make yourself amazing keepsakes and jewellery.


Our Casting workshop involves mould making, use of the furnace to explore fundamental metal foundry technics, pattern making and a lot of fettling to create your cast object.

Sand casting, is the most widely practised casting process in fine art sculpture and jewellery, using expendable sand moulds to form complex metal parts that can be made of various alloys. In this workshop, we will be casting with pewter.

You are welcome to bring something to cast, such as a shell or small object. The object should be solid and not have a cavity. For example, a muscle shell is ideal whereas a snail shell is not. We will have a variety of objects suitable for casting so don’t worry if you haven’t got an object in mind.

General admission is £60, but we are offering an early bird special of £50 so hurry to our booking page!

You can book here.

Our casting workshops are going down a treat

Jewellery Making

Seagulls offer a Jewellery making workshop. This is a taster into the techniques and fundamentals of the Silversmith processes. This 3-hour workshop focuses on the use of silver to create a silver band ring.

The course is particularly suited to those who want an introduction to different jewellery techniques. There will be simple and more complex style tasks to develop your skills.

The Jewellery making workshop stands at £50, which you would probably spend on a real silver ring from the jewellers!

You can alter the ring to however you want it
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