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An array of recycled paint tins

It’s Recycle Week 2022!

It’s Recycle Week 2022!

Recycle Now™ is the national recycling campaign for England and Northern Ireland, which aims to motivate more people, to recycle more of the right things, more often. 

Recycle Week is Recycle Now‘s flagship annual event, celebrating recycling across the nation. It’s the one week of the year where retailers, brands, waste management companies, trade associations, governments and the media come together to achieve one goal: to galvanise the public into recycling more of the right things.

This year’s theme is ‘Let’s Get Real’, and will challenge perceptions and myths around recycling, and target contamination to improve recycling behaviours.

Why it’s important to us?

Recycle week symbolises the importance of recycling through the delivery of crucial campaign moments and ongoing citizen interaction.

The organisation works to educate and inspire citizens to modify their behaviour in recycling, just like we do! It seems the perfect time to remind you all of the fantastic accomplishments Seagulls have reached through recycling:

  • Saved and reused over 4 million litres of paint, equaling 11 million kg or 11,000 tons of CO2e. This is the equivalent of planting 68 million trees.
  • Recovered 75,000 kg of scrap metal tins and 123,944 kg of liquid oil that has been recycled.
  • Provided a social value of £1.9 million to the city of Leeds in 2018
  • Created a unique and people-centred organisation; learning as we go along and responding to local needs, all through the art of recycling.

We can’t thank our loyal customers enough for working with our organisation to make the environment a better place. Now let’s double these stats!

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