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Donate Paint


We collect from Leeds City Council Household Waste Recycling Centres; there are 8 of them across the city.

You can donate paint to any of these HWRCs. When you take your paint to one of the sites you will be find one of our pink Seagulls paint banks. Please leave your leftover paint tins in here ready for us to collect.

What paint can be reused and how can I tell?

We will reuse any paint that has more than a couple of inches left in the pot. Paint that is solid or paint pots that are empty can go directly into your black general waste bin. We accept household emulsion, masonry emulsion, timber care, garden shades, water and oil based gloss, varnish, wood stain, radiator paint, tile paint, undercoat, hammerite, bitumen, floor paint, decking stain. As long as the substance is not hazardous we will accept.

Environmental Benefits

If we did not provide a paint reuse service for householders in Leeds ALL of the paint we collect would be destined for disposal. What a waste of a precious resource that can, with a bit of care and attention, simply be reused!

Trade paint

As a general rule we only accept leftover household paint.

The process of reusing paint is labour intensive: every tin has to be separated into water and oil based, opened, assessed and remixed. The good paint is put on our shelves and sold in the paint store, the bad paint is sorted into water based and oil based. Where possible the unwanted liquid oil paint is recycled. Bad water based paint cannot be recycled and we have to pay a lot of money to dispose of this correctly.

Through this process we also generate a lot of empty tins. We take the metal tins to be recycled at the scrap yard and we pay for the plastic pots to be disposed of.

We would love to have the capacity to collect trade paint HOWEVER we have enough paint coming through our doors from householders. If we can increase demand in the paint store we can increase the avenues we accept unwanted paint. So, this is a plea to decorators….

Please start buying our paint so we can accept your leftover paint! We are interested in hearing from trades people to find out how you currently dispose of your paint so please do get in touch via our contact form.

Paint, it’s in our jeans!

We collect leftover and unwanted paint from householders across Leeds. Every year we collect approximately 300 tonnes of paint of which 60% is repurposed for sale in our paint store.We then reprocess and sell. This takes place through our paint store on Kirkstall Road, at a fraction of the cost of other, more traditional paint shops. We have a wide selection of paint, varnish and timber care and we sell Seagulls branded new paint (it’s trade quality at reasonable prices) and a range of decorating equipment.

We have been blending paint since 2005 and have a wealth of experience and knowledge of colour and finishes.

Can anyone buy from us?

Yes! Anyone can shop with us. It’s the same price for all and is a significant saving when painting your home, office, community centre, mural, shed, garden furniture, the possibilities are endless!

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