A Bit About Us

We have diverted over 2000 tonnes of paint from landfill
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Thinking outside the box and daring to think differently

Seagulls was established by Cat and Kate who bonded over a passion for the local and global environment and social justice. We developed Seagulls around Kate’s kitchen table in 2002 and are a true grassroots social enterprise. Our main aims were to raise awareness for recycling and reuse whilst providing training, volunteering and employment opportunities for ourselves and others. We remain true to our aims and because of our humble beginnings we’re a unique and people cenetred organisation; learning as we go along and responding to local need. Cat and Kate continue to co-manage Seagulls and we have won Social Enterprise of the Year 2017, Yorkshire and Humber.

Seagulls bread and butter is paint: we have recently been awarded a 5 year contract with Leeds City Council for the collection, reprocessing and distribution of unwanted household paint. We have collected paint since 2005 and have become leaders in our field for 3rd Sector Paint reuse. Paint offers us not only a root to sustainability but a wealth of volunteering and training opportunities; it is messy, hard work but great for team building and learning new skills.

We also deliver a community arts project: Mosaic, specialising in large scale, community focused public art projects and mosaic workshops for people living with long term mental health problems.

Volunteering underpins everything we do and our program: We Grow People offers bespoke work experience and volunteering opportunities for hard to reach, marginalised people. We have a unique, creative and holistic enterprise with people at our core. We cook lunch daily for our staff and volunteers and encourage people to learn life skills.

We pride ourselves in thinking outside the box both in our approach to business and people. We are a leading Social Enterprise in Leeds and are becoming more recognised on a National level.