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Be grateful: Messages of Hope

In spring 2016 we were successful in securing funding from our local Councillors to undertake a large scale community art installation on a falling down wall in the heart of Kirkstall, by the Drink and Be Grateful fountain. Several of our regular ‘mosaicers’ who live in the area worked on the design, mosaic and helped install the work. The Be Grateful text was designed and worked on pre Brexit (and Trump) and so for us and many others it has taken on a new significance in the current world events. It’s a small reminder to people driving and walking past the installation to stop and think; most often there is someone worse off than you and yes, we do have things to be grateful for. A Message of Hope in troubling and fragmented times.

Over the course of several weeks we worked in 2 local primary schools (with over 250 children), Hollybush Conservation Centre, Hawksworth Older People’s group, The Bridge Inn and open workshops at Seagulls. A LOT of ‘mosaicing’ fun was had by people of all ages and abilities.

Seagulls staff and volunteers (like a well oiled machine) installed the mosaic. We were lucky enough for the sun to shine and it was amazing to see the mosaic appear on the wall. It took us just 2 attempts to get the blue background tone right but we think it is the perfect complimenting colour to the mosaic. The photos speak for themselves and we have had many positive comments and lots of lovely feedback.

We’re now hoping to spread Messages of Hope across the city so if you have a wall or message in mind we’d love to hear from you.

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