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An array of recycled paint tins

It’s Recycle Week 2022!

It’s Recycle Week 2022!

Recycle Now™ is the national recycling campaign for England and Northern Ireland, which aims to motivate more people, to recycle more of the right things, more often. 

Recycle Week is Recycle Now‘s flagship annual event, celebrating recycling across the nation. It’s the one week of the year where retailers, brands, waste management companies, trade associations, governments and the media come together to achieve one goal: to galvanise the public into recycling more of the right things.

This year’s theme is ‘Let’s Get Real’, and will challenge perceptions and myths around recycling, and target contamination to improve recycling behaviours.

Why it’s important to us?

Recycle week symbolises the importance of recycling through the delivery of crucial campaign moments and ongoing citizen interaction.

The organisation works to educate and inspire citizens to modify their behaviour in recycling, just like we do! It seems the perfect time to remind you all of the fantastic accomplishments Seagulls have reached through recycling:

  • Saved and reused over 4 million litres of paint, equaling 11 million kg or 11,000 tons of CO2e. This is the equivalent of planting 68 million trees.
  • Recovered 75,000 kg of scrap metal tins and 123,944 kg of liquid oil that has been recycled.
  • Provided a social value of £1.9 million to the city of Leeds in 2018
  • Created a unique and people-centred organisation; learning as we go along and responding to local needs, all through the art of recycling.

We can’t thank our loyal customers enough for working with our organisation to make the environment a better place. Now let’s double these stats!


Winners: Environmental Social Enterprise in Yorkshire & Humber ’22 goes to Seagulls

What a brilliant week!

Social Enterprise Yorkshire & Humber hosted their 2022 awards. The event took place at The Shay Stadium, Halifax, and we were lucky enough to be shortlisted for the Environmental Social Enterprise award.

We sat in the final with our friends over at Zero Waste Leeds. They do amazing work helping make Leeds a zero-waste city by 2030.

Also, YORGreenCic, who supports communities to create and manage green space, and meet future demands through multi-functional land use. To be up against such inspiring organisations was truly amazing, and a huge well done to both for getting into the final.

The award ceremony was full of selfless organisations and people, which made us super proud to surrounded by them.

After our win, the Judges said: “They have made a huge impact on the environment and their commitment, tenacity, creativity and dedication is what has enabled the to succeed.”

The comments where truly humbling and the recognition is marvellous.

So, a huge thank you to Social Enterprise Yorkshire & Humber, and to Ali Ward for organising such a fantastic event.

Cheers to Seagulls being the Environmental Social Enterprise in Yorkshire & Humber 2022!

Outdoor Decking Paint

Need to paint your decking?

Ok, so we covered how to paint your garden gate. Now let’s talk about getting your decking ready for a bank holiday bbq!

For those who have some lovely decking in your garden, you already know what a great addition it is. Perfect for dining, socialising, sunbathing or BBQs.

However, the trusty British weather probably means you don’t get to use your outdoor space as much as you’d wish. It also means that it will most likely need a bit of TLC after a long winter.

Leave your decking to dry for 24 hours minimum.

1. Cleaning your decking

So we are going to start by giving your decking a good clean. It’s recommended that you keep it tidy all year round, to save a big clear-up once a year. Just a weekly brush should do!

Get yourself a stiff outdoor brush and brush away any debris.

Now it’s clean, it’s time to apply Decking Cleaner. Unfortunately, Decking Cleaner is hard to come by at Seagulls and when we get it, it’s gone within the hour!

You should apply the cleaner directly onto the wood and use your scrubbing brush. Then jet wash this off, leaving it to dry for at least 24 hours. (Make sure you consider the weather; you don’t want to do this and then it rains!)

2. Sanding your decking

You now have a clean deck, but you need to make sure there is no leftover paint! (If you are painting over/touching up skip over this step)

Firstly, take a wire brush and use light sweeping strokes to remove any old paint.

Then you can go ahead with your scraper for that tougher paint. Scraping rarely removes all the paint from the existing deck, and it’s not meant to. After scraping away loose paint, it’s likely the wood will still have plenty of stuck-on paint. However, if it’s not peeling the new paint will still stick.

You can now begin to sand the decking. This smooths out the edges allowing for a fresh coat to be applied. If you have a power sander handy- brilliant! If not, try using a sanding sponge. Before sanding, use a hammer and nailset to countersink any nails that might be sticking up.

3. Treating & painting the wood

It is up to you what tools you use for this project, whether it be a brush, a paint pad or a roller. Make sure you apply your Frog Tape before cracking that tin of paint open though.

What paint should you use?

Here is where we come in handy.

We have everything you will need to bring your decking back to life, if you know exactly what you want, it will be best for you to ask a member of staff to show you where everything is- we have paint in abundance. Don’t be afraid to ask for help too, that’s what we are here for!

– Decking Preserver

We have several different types of Wood preservers. Cuprinol & Ronseal are the most popular at Seagulls, and the best in our opinion! It comes in various different colours, including Dark Browns, Green & Clear.

– Decking Paint

Our Decking Paint is again mainly Cuprinol & Ronseal. We occasionally get the likes of Wickes, Barrentine & Ever Build, though they are rare. Again, they come in colours such as Green, Clear, Oak, Pine, Timber, Cedar, and Mahogany.

You will need these materials too:

  • Painter’s tape

We sell Frog Tape in-store, offering 2 different types. The Green s the most common and better of the 2, it is multi-surface & will cost you £8.50. The Yellow is for delicate surfaces and we charge £9 for a roll of that!

  • Dust Sheets

We sell 12-foot by 12-foot dust sheets for just £2.50 each!

  • Scraper

We sell scrapers instore for £2.50

  • Scrubbing Brush

Unfortunately, we don’t have scrubbing brushes in stock at the minute.

Click here for a list of materials we sell in-store.

Seagulls Summer Market: What to expect

It’s officially time! We have booked the weather, and are dusting off the bunting and sweeping the yard ready to welcome our stallholders and visitors for what looks to be our best market yet.

The response to our call for stallholders has been amazing. We have a lot of regular stallholders and also many new faces (which we are thrilled about!).

So, let’s talk to stallholders. Have a scroll and find out who and what to expect at the market, I’d say we have a bit of everything!

Both days

Goods In General

Goods in General is a Seagulls Market regular! They concentrate on vintage, industrial and salvaged. All items are practical, quality items saving them from landfills and ensuring they won’t be left to gather dust.

Biddy and Bear

Biddy and Bear are a unisex children’s clothing company, inspired by the lack of good clothing for children on the high street. They source unique clothing ethically, of course!

Valmont Studio

Leeds-based jewellery you can’t say no to! Valmont Studio’s pieces are mainly in enamel, silver and copper; heavily influenced by My work sculpture and the abstract form. The nature of the enamelling process makes each piece unique.

Creative Nenna

Elena Rubiu is a Sardinian ceramist based in Leeds. Look at these pieces! Elena also puts on a variety of ceramic workshops so you can learn her skill.

Penny’s Pot Shop

Penny is an artist in Leeds. She has been studying and producing Art and Crafts for over 20 years, including oil painting, photography (film & digital), wood carving, fine art and of course pottery.


March Makes

March Makes is a small family-run business, that makes a variety of letterbox gifts and care packages. You may also find some unique jewellery pieces on their Etsy too!

The Plant Plot

The Plant Plot is a small independent botanical & interior store based in Horsforth- with an amazing variety of your favourite plants.

Halfpenny Ink

Halfpenny Ink is run by Alice Halfpenny, an Artist and Graphic Designer.

Inspired by nature and all that surrounds us, Alice creates art that celebrates its beauty and diversity. All work is created using a pointillism technique with fine liner pens. Brilliant!

Alice & Stars

Alice Albentosa creates ethical silver jewellery for conscious women. Expect to find sterling silver adjustable rings and so much more.

Scarborough Rd Studio

Natalie Knight is an Illustrator, Lino printer and Crafter based in West Yorkshire. Look at these earrings! What a great addition to our Summer Market.

Dot’s Corner

Dots Corner sells unique & quirky jewellery and accessories, just what we love. Who doesn’t love statement jewellery?

Little Soy House

The Little Soy House sells handmade homeware, soy candles & wax melts. The perfect present for a loved one, or yourself!


Magda creates Handmade Jewellery & Accessories. Claymabi is full of unique designs made from Polymer clay & Resin, like;
Earrings, Necklaces, Jewellery sets & Hair accessories.


Secret Industries

Secret industries make fun logos, identity & print designs for clients, with Northern-inspired prints & apparel for fun! This is a personal favourite.

Soft & Squiffy

Soft and Squiffy is run by Leah, who upcycles her children’s old clothing, or old clothes of her own, and gives them a new lease of life. The filling of her cushions, like the one shown below, is used from recycled plastic bottles.

Neon Black

Neon Black creat handmade clay wall hangings, recycled skateboard accessories and all your space beach essentials!

Crafty Jo’s Emporium

Here we have Handmade purses, bags and zipped bags, or headbands in this image! Crafty Jo’s Emporium is the place to go for unique everyday styling.

Richard Heald Photography

Richard is a Leeds-based photographer. He has a love for music, and of course, has an extreme talent for capturing his surroundings perfectly.

Ink and Bear

Ink and Bear are run by Sophie Greenwood, who makes colourful, simple screen prints inspired by nature and travel. She also delivers creative workshops in and around Leeds.

Upsy Daisy Craft

Nat is Chief Clay Lady at Upsydaisy Craft! In Nat’s words ‘Getting a fresh bag of clay and turning it into some colourful jewellery through the magic of the kiln is always amazing, opening the kiln after a day of it heating my house is a lot of nervous excitement!’

Black Violet

Rebecca is the creator behind the genius Black Violet. Her pieces specialise in Concrete, Moss, Crystal Jewellery & Homeware, what an impressive variety!

Lucy Tomlinson Art

Lucy Tomlinson creates these Watercolour and Abstract Acrylic Pour Paintings, and they are seriously impressive!


Sugarwell creates luxury handcrafted soap made in Meanwood, Leeds, using a palette of modern cosmetic colours. Look at their colours!

Carbon Art

Carbon Art is a Yorkshire artist, born & bred. They offer pencil drawings of the Yorkshire landscape and a variety of hand-drawn maps.

Wayfaring Sarah

Sarah is an avid traveller, photographer and blogger. Inspired by our diverse, natural and cultural world she offers colourful prints, canvasses and jewellery. Wow!

Roisin Smith

Roisin Smith makes her own jewellery, and they are brilliant. Perfect for your summer holidays!

Some lemon earrings made by Roisin Smith.


The Slice Is Right

Why not treat yourself to a slice of pizza for lunch! The Slice Is Right is a Leeds-based mobile pizza caterer. They specialise in traditional Neopolitan pizzas, with plenty of options (including vegan!)

Let’s Get Melty

Finished your pizza, it’s time for something sweet! Melts are rocky roads, redesigned. Think of your favourite chocolate bar stacked with its best friends (and they are all vegetarian). We can’t wait to try!

Extraordinary Gin

The Extraordinary Travelling Gin Company – chic, unique mobile bar that caters for all events, including all the Seagull’s markets!

Jita’s Green Sauce

Jita’s Green Sauce sells authentic Indian chutney, and it sounds delicious, made with fresh mint, coriander, green chillies, ginger, garlic and a little lemon juice for tanginess.

The Cheesy Living Co.

The Cheesy Living Co. were a hit at our spring market! It is an ‘A Modern Kind Of Deli’ that specialises in British Cheese & Charcuterie. Yum!

Nero’s Ices

Gary will be serving hot drinks and ice cream all weekend. What more could you ask for!

Gary with his Ice Cream and Coffee cart.

We look forward to seeing you all there! the weather is looking good, and we cant wait to see some familiar faces.

Seagulls x

Our biggest paint order…EVER!!

Some exciting news from us over at Seagulls… We received our biggest paint order to date!

What was the order?

It was from a lovely lady called Nicole-Rose from Surrey. Her order was for 25 x 10L bespoke paint colours. She also got some brand new white matt, silk, gloss, undercoat and floor paint.

Nicole’s budget was set at £800 although the order came to £842.50! But for an order of this size, we obviously let her off the £42.50. This was still the biggest paint order we have ever received and the team were eager to get working on it!

We knew that Nicole’s order was a bargain, so we broke it down to compare with leading brands. We just knew this would make a brilliant price comparison.

Price Comparison

Through online research, we found that 10 litres of a bespoke colour from Dulux would cost approximately £150.

So, if our calculations are correct this means 25 x 10L is worth approximately £3750. This is already a saving of £2950! Add some new stock on top of that and we’re talking approximately £4000+ for the entire order!!!

It took our team less than one week to mix the ENTIRE order and we loved the challenge.

We deliver within the Leeds area for a £10 fee, for larger orders, we could potentially deliver for free. Don’t let geography put you off a large order, we might still make financial sense, even to pick up as Nicole did! It’s always worth getting in touch.

Over to Nicole-Rose for some lovely feedback:

“Thank you all so much first of all for such an incredible service. Andy particularly was brilliant at keeping me updated on the progress of the order. I heard about you from an art shop in Leeds City Centre (Fred Aldous) when I was looking for a local paint supplier. I was presented with an opportunity to redesign a theatre in Central London and when I visited the space I knew I’d need a lot of paint.

Nicole with her £800 order
Nicole with her £800 order

I looked you up on Google and found your website really easy to follow, so I placed an order. I’m a huge believer in supporting local businesses and I love your philosophy of re-using paint that would have otherwise been sent to landfills because I hate the idea of waste.

Thank you for the brilliant service and a warm welcome and a really quick turnaround in getting the paint ready in line with my deadline. You have a customer for life as far as I’m concerned.

Outdoor Decking Paint

Painting Your Metal Gate

Hey folks, we have had a few questions about painting specific materials, so we thought why not make a series of blogs about just that! First up we are taking a look at painting a metal gate.

Here are some valuable tips before we begin:

  • Look at the weather, you will need the weather to be on your side for this project as it involves a lot of air drying.
  • Wear face, eye and hand protection. You’ll thank us later.

Step 1 – Prepare

Make sure you have the correct surroundings. It would be best to take the gate off its post and rest it on 2 saw-horses. Be sure to put a dust sheet down to protect your surroundings. Also, safety first- get yourself an eye mask and face mask, no one wants rust in the eyes or fumes in their lungs!

Step 2 – Remove Rust

Use a wire brush to remove any rust the metal gate may have accumulated. You want the smoothest base for better application of the new paint, and you can also then tell which bits have been affected most by rust. Then, just let it dry out! (Make sure you’re wearing your gloves for this)

Step 3- Smooth it out

Now that it is all dry, wipe the gate down with a cloth to eliminate any debris. Now it’s time for the wire brush again. We don’t actually stock these as of yet, but keep your eyes peeled! The wire brush is needed to smooth the surface once again. You can also add some rust neutraliser if there are any tough spots!

Step 4- Primer

Again, make sure your dust sheet is down for this step. Apply an outdoor metallic primer using a paintbrush, and wait until it is fully dry before you do a second coat. You can also apply it to any previously rusty areas, just the help seal any gaps left by rust. Again, allow the gate to dry according to the primer manufacturer’s guidelines, before moving on to paint the gate.

Step 5-Paint

After your gate is dry (this may be a long process I know!). Simply start by painting the outer edges first, then the decorative embellishments over it, and then to the backside of the gate.

Be sure to cover any hard-to-reach places, and use whatever works for you, as long as the paint is perfectly laid on the surface.

If you are wondering what paint is best, not to worry- we’ve got you sorted. You would use a high alkyd paint, such as Hammerite for metal materials. We have a variety of Hammerite in-store, but colours and stock will vary with what we have picked up recently!

We also sell Red Oxyd Primer and Metal Primer, two different variants of primer. Again, it is not guaranteed what specific colours we have but just pop along and our excellent staff will help you with your project.

Jubilee Block Party

LSG X Seagulls Jubilee Block Party

Leeds Street Gallery & Seagulls present a Jubilee Block Party!

The February event with LSG was fab, flying by in a whirlwind! All the food was eaten and all the booze was drunk, and we just couldn’t wait to host another (and what a weekend to do it).

Our yard will be transformed on Saturday 4th June 12-9 pm. Expect to see live graffiti, DJs, independent market stalls and food & drinks galore.

We have now confirmed who will be at the event, and are excited to share it with you all…

Main wall

Firstly we have the live graffiti artists. On the Main Wall, you will find Ekto, Driper & Ster.

But there is more! There will also be a UPC Wall in action too, with artists such as Snooze, MOD, Gerkle and Bier. We love this colourful piece!

Snooze and Drips
Snooze and Drips

Independent Market

While watching the live graffiti artists in action, you can also have a wander around the independent stallholders, including:

Rory Flynn & Roya Brehl, Tracks Magazine, Three Paw Press/Jahoer with Prints & Zines, Smogg & Bad Drawings by Tom, YThough?.

Heading inside?

You will find some amazing vintage clothing from Ali Cat Vintage, and a wide selection of Vinyls from & Rave. Crispy Aromatic Soundsystem will also be inside with Merch.


Not to forget the food of course!

You will have the option of Pizza from Like in Naples (wow) or Arturos Tacos (wow). Nero’s Ice Cream will also be available for coffee and of course ice cream. Last but not least, our favourites over at Kirkstall Brewery are coming over to grace us with their delicious beers.

Last but not least, there will be a selection of talented DJs all day, what more could you ask of the Jubilee Weekend.

You can find some of the Seagulls team at the bar, come and say hello!

Ruksar in the Painting Pods

Want to learn how to decorate?

We sell paint (of course) but do you know how to use it when you get home

Let’s talk decorating workshops!

We host 3 different decorating courses here at Seagulls, all held by Ruksar.

Ruksar is a professionally trained decorator, with years of experience under his belt. He is an engaging facilitator and the courses are very much hands-on and full of practical tips.

If you have met him, you’ll know he loves to talk and share his knowledge, so expect to come away brimming with painty solutions to your decorating woes!

You will be learning in our ‘Painting Pods’. These pods have been built to emulate a real room setting, to give you the best experience possible for learning decorating techniques

Here is what you can choose from:

A Beginners Guide to Painting & Decorating

This crash course in decorating will equip you with all the basic techniques and skills needed to tackle a room from preparation to finish.

Learn the basics

Here is what to expect:

1. Preparation; learning how to get rid of pesky stains, and the best types of fillers for different jobs.

2. Ceilings

3. Cutting in- perhaps the most important aspect of decorating to get that all-important professional finish. We will spend a reasonable amount of concentrating on this technique as it’s so easy once you know how and have had some practice and you’ll never need to use masking tape again!

4. Rolling off the walls

5. Woodwork; skirting boards, windows and doors.

Duration: 3 hours

Price: £46-£64.49

Book Here

A Cutting in Masterclass

Learn the art of brush control. A cutting in Masterclass, it’s simple when you know-how!

Brush control, it’s easy!

Fed up with wonky lines? The wrong colour paint on the ceiling and fiddling about with masking tape? Then this is the masterclass for you.

We think ‘Cutting in’ is the most important decorating technique to get right when painting a room. Perfect this technique and you can have a decorated room to be proud of.

In this short and sweet workshop, you will learn:

1. Different types of brushes & Brush control

3. How to perfect your line between wall and ceiling, wall and skirting board and fiddly light fittings and sockets.

4. Practice in our rooms before unleashing the brush on your own walls.

It’s not rocket science but there is skill involved, once you know how you will never look back, it’s a skill for life!

Duration: 1.5 hours

Price: £18-27.54

Book Here

Ceilings & Walls: Decorating Masterclass

This advanced course will equip you with all the tips, tricks and techniques needed to give you the perfect finish when painting walls and ceilings.

Get your ceilings and walls looking professionally done

This Masterclass focuses on:

1. Preparation- learning how to get rid of pesky stains, the best types of fillers for different jobs, and how to tackle a room.

2. Brush and roller techniques- the difference between the finishes depends on the tools you use with a focus on brush and roller control and how much pressure to apply.

It’s easy once you know how and have had some practice (on somebody else’s walls).

Duration: 3 hours

Price: £48-£64.49

Book Here

Different colour mixed paint

How we collect your paint

You all know that we reuse recycled paint, and put it to good use. But do you know what we do during a paint collection?

We made this TikTok a few months ago where we brought you guys along with us on our paint collection, but think it’s time we refreshed everyone’s minds!


Romanticise your paint collection! 55 million litres of paint goes to landfill, we have saved 2 million of it ??‍? #reuse #landfill #fyp

♬ More Than Friends – Aidan Bissett
A paint collection in one minute!

Firstly, we have a partnership with Leeds City Council allowing us to have a big pink Seagulls container at each household waste site in Leeds.

You are able to donate your old paint by popping it into the container. Our team will then pick it up on their paint collection.

As you can see in the TikTok, when we arrive at the waste sites we differentiate whether the tins are good or bad. We can usually tell by giving them a good shake. If you can hear a watery sound, it’s usually off.

Good paint

Good paint goes on one side of the van, and bad on the other. We have to carefully pack them in to avoid any paint spillages on the journey back to Seagulls.

The good tins go into the paint mixing room, which we call SD3. Here, we find that most of the tins are half full, so here is where we can have fun.

Our paint mixers then find other tins that are half-full, mix together new colours and then add a paint splodge onto the lid. The tins then get taken over to the paint shop ready to be bought by our lovely customers!

However, if the paint is off we do things a bit differently.

Bad Paint

The ‘bad’ paint gets taken to our Paint Disposal room.

Whoever is is disposals will open each tin of paint, goggles and masks on (it can get smelly) and dispose of the off paint into a large container. We have one container for water-based paint, and one for oil-based.

An external recycling company collects these containers, meaning they can get disposed of correctly.

The plastic paint tins then get taken away by Forge Recycling, and we take metal tins to the scrap yard ourselves.

We took a trip last week, taking about 2 weeks’ worth of tins weighing just under a ton. We got £106 for this!

Our metal paint tins at the scrap yard

And that folks, is how we collect your paint!

Colour Match For Paint Service

Do you know about our bespoke colour-matching service?

If you are a Seagulls regular, you may know about our bespoke paint mixing service. This service bespoke service means we can match whatever colour your heart desires, just for a few pounds extra than off-the-shelf paint. Off the shelf, paint starts at £5.50 for 2.5L, whilst 2.5L of bespoke colour-matched paint starts from just £11.

Shopping at other businesses, such as Farrow & Ball could set you back £52!

Dulux and Farrow & Ball are two colour charts that we work best off, and there is plenty of them in-store, or you can find them online too. A lot of you request colour matches of specific items, which we love to do.

We thought this would be the perfect place to show you guys some examples of our colour matching skills, and what our paint mixing experts can whip up.

Match It Monday – Bespoke Paint Mixing In Action

If you follow us on social media, you may have seen our weekly ‘Match It Monday’ TikTok videos. Every Monday, we pick something random from Seagulls and put our paint mixing experts to the test. They never fail! Take a look for yourself;

You can’t live in Yorkshire without saying ‘Ey Up’ once in a while.. so we made a mosaic kit of it #yorkshire #eyup #mosaickit #mosaicart #diy #craft #leeds #uk

♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

Remember folks that our colour match for paint service is done by eye, no fancy colour machines around our place.

9/10 we’re bang on, the odd occasion may need a reblend but this is rare. If you have a certain colour in mind it’s always best to pre-order through our website (it gives us time to play with colour).

Bespoke paint mixing by eye also means we can never guarantee the same colour twice. Please make sure you order enough paint for your project to avoid any disappointment.

One last thing, our mixing magic does not extend to specific colour matches for Woodwork Paint. The pigments we use are only suitable for water-based emulsion, meaning we are unable to mix the same colours in gloss that we can in the emulsion.

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