Cuts and Blocks

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Preview Night

20th April

5.00 pm – 8.30 pm

Everyone welcome to the preview night of our first major exhibition

Leon Varga is an interdisciplinary Hungarian artist who has been living in Leeds for twelve years. He spent many years developing his artistic approach while studying at the Hungarian School of Fine Art, working with European institutions and collaborating with many visual organisations since the early 1990’s.

 Leon’s extensive work reaches across many platforms: painting, sculpture, and installations. His new collaborative project Cuts and Blocks, a large scale portrait installation, with Seagulls social enterprise explores the fundamental questions of social identity.

The relationship between identity and belonging goes both ways. The groups we belong to, or even those that we want to belong to but are rejected from, influence how we see ourselves. Some groups demand a level of conformity, and require us to sacrifice a part of our identity in order to belong. Furthermore, gaining a relationship with others may assist in shifting our beliefs and give us a new experience, which in turn influences our identity.

“Can any portrait taken in a fraction of a second do justice to the complexity of its human subject?

The expressivity and mutability of a portrait subject lies at the heart of the exchange between me and the sitter. The sense of fragility and mortality of my chosen medium is apparent in every scar and cut on the blocks; such elements remind us of the sensitivity of our skin, receptive and responsive to elements and the passing of time, just like the human face.”

Leon Varga


Instagram: varga_leon