Cuts and Blocks

We have saved 842 tonnes of paint to date!
We collect and reuse over 170 tonnes of paint per year.
We work with over 50 volunteers per year

Artists Talk

21st April

6 pm- 8 pm

To accompany the exhibtion Seagulls are hosting a night with the Artist, Leon Varga. Please join us to hear from the horses mouth how the exhibition came together, the process behind creation and a discussion around Identity- what this means to Leon as a Hungarian living in Leeds and to Seagulls staff and volunteers (often from marginalised backgrounds).

As Leon says ‘Our sense of identity and belonging is impacted by various factors, including our experiences, relationships, and our environment. Although we all live in the same world where many of our experiences overlap, the reason why we are all unique is because ultimately we do have some choice as to what does or does not impact us in a crucial or unimportant way. It is through the addition of the myriad parts of our lives that we come together to create our identity’.